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How To Fix Soaked Carpet And Prevent Mold Growth

Every homeowner likely doesn’t want to deal with a soaking wet carpet. After all, it can wreak havoc on any space, making it unsightly and encouraging mold and mildew growth. When faced with a soaked carpet, don’t fret, as there are several things you can do to dry it completely, according to Carmel mold remediation experts:

Move All Things Off the Carpet

Move all furniture and appliances on your carpet to stop further damage. Once removed, use a wet vacuum to remove as much moisture as possible. After removing the bulk of the water, start drying by opening your windows and using electric fans to circulate air for faster drying.

If the weather is hot, consider turning on your air conditioning system to boost the drying process. Moreover, you can put dry towels and rags on top of the wet spots to absorb additional moisture. As long as you move fast, you should be able to dry a soaked carpet in no time.

Remove Carpet From Your Flooring

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Remove your carpets from your floor to let air circulate and boost the drying process. But if you can’t remove your carpet, prop it on one end with a chair or other items to encourage better airflow. Aside from that, you can use a utility knife or pair of scissors to cut the carpet into thinner strips for easy handling and let it dry fast than with one large rug.

But only consider cutting your carpet as a last resort, as it may lead to costly repairs and replacement. Hence, Carmel’s Mold Removal Experts suggest you do this only if the situation calls for it.

Install a Dehumidifier and Air Purifier Inside

Once you’ve removed the bulk of the water from your carpet, use a dehumidifier and air purifier to remove the remaining moisture. The former extracts excess moisture from the surrounding air, while the latter reduces nasty odors — keeping your carpets smelling good. Combining these two will guarantee your carpet is 100% dry.

Carmel’s Mold Removal Experts suggest running your air purifier and dehumidifier for at least a day to get the best results. Doing this eliminates all the moisture essential for stopping mold growth.

Dry the Carpet Padding

After you’ve dried off the carpet, it’s time to address its padding. It would be best if you did this separately since carpet pads contain foam and other materials that don’t evaporate fast, making it essential to dry the padding thoroughly. Carmel mold remediation professionals suggest using a steam cleaner for cleaner results.

A steam cleaner uses hot water to break down the excess moisture in the carpet padding, ensuring all underlying materials get dried thoroughly — minimizing the risk of mold growth. But if drying the padding seems impossible, Carmel Mold Removal Experts recommend replacing the padding entirely. This way, you’ll be able to guarantee your carpets remain pristine — and safe from mold growth.

Boost Air Circulation

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After extracting as much water as possible, it’s time to dry them out. If you have a fan, aim it directly at the soaked strips of carpet to speed up the drying process. But if you don’t have one, lay the strips in a well-ventilated room and let them air dry. Once dried, proceed to reinstall the carpets and paddings.

Carpet Repair with Carmel Mold Remediation Professionals

After drying your carpets and padding, Carmel’s Mold Removal Experts recommend hiring a professional to reinstall them. Doing so ensures they get fitted well and are not vulnerable to future problems. However, replacing specific sections of the carpets might be necessary if there’s excess water damage. Consult with a mold remediation expert to determine your carpet’s best course of action.

If you’re searching for a reliable and experienced team to help with your mold issues, look no further than Carmel’s Mold Removal Experts. Our highly skilled Carmel mold remediation personnel have undergone intense training to quickly and efficiently address all water damage and mold problems that might’ve happened in your home. We’ll inspect your carpets and padding, taking the necessary steps to dry them thoroughly — ensuring everything gets restored. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.